Why be an Advisor and why do I need training to do the job? 

Advising a People First chapter can be very rewarding. People First members are empowered, active, resourceful and strong advocates who desire support from an Advisor who takes quiet pride in guiding groups to achieve their goals. The best support for a chapter is a well-trained Advisor who will be able to respond to any situation with good judgment. Advisors will contribute knowledge, resources and skills to help empower the group.     

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Advisor?

Great!  We are excited that you would like to take the next step. You will need to:

  • Read the People First Advisor Handbook.
  • Watch the webinars.
  • Pass an assessment to become certified.
  • Apply for the job.
  • Pass a criminal background check.

The handbook and webinars are available in the toolkit below. When you are ready to be assessed, fill in the Advisor Certification form on this page to schedule your exam.    

Toolkit for People First Advisors: Strategies to promote development of self-advocacy 

WEBINAR 1: SUPPORTING THE GROUP-A group of People First members and an Advisor are sitting around a table. They are trying to plan an activity that will raise money so they can go to a national People First conference. Everyone has an idea. Everyone is talking at once.

WEBINAR 2: NURTURING INDEPENDENCE- One People First member is shy. Most others in the group are talkative and they all seem to know how to say things easily. This member seldom speaks because he takes a while to get his ideas into words.

WEBINAR 3: TRANSPORTATION-A new Advisor is starting a People First group where there has never been one before. To prepare his for the job, he has been assigned to be an Assistant Advisor for six months in another PF group that has been functioning a long time.  The supervising Advisor explains some ways to choose appropriate meeting locations and how to help arrange transportation.

Advisor Handbook

Manual Cover.jpg

The People First of Utah Advisor Handbook is available in a PDF format you can access for FREE by clicking here!  We hope the manual will be helpful to you in supporting your chapter.  

Advisor Certification

You have watched the webinars and know the People First Advisor Handbook material like the back of your hand! Now what? Time to take the assessment! After you have successfully passed a short exam, you will be a Certified People First of Utah Advisor and are eligible to be hired by a local chapter.  When you are ready to assess your knowledge, contact us.    

Still curious about the people you will be advising?

People First of Utah members are some of the best advocates this side of the solar system. They know what they want, are very motivated and are determined to achieve their personal and group goals to build better lives and stronger, more inclusive communities. This video shows People First of Utah members explaining what the role of an Advisor is and the process they used to write the Advisor Handbook.